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Cutting Process

It is the process of cutting glasses produced in certain sizes (as plates) to desired dimensions. Burcam carries out the diamond cutting, CNC cutting and water jet cutting of all flat glass and mirror groups.

Rodaging Process

It is the process of giving profile to the sharp ends of the glass with diamond stone. Burcam A.Ş carries out the grinding process in accordance with the quality standards with vertical edging, horizontal edging (double edger), cnc edging and forming lapping machines.

Cnc Processing

With the latest innovative CNC machines we automatically perform drilling, edging and cutting operations according to the technical drawings. Burcam A.Ş performs the processing of decorative and industrial glass products such as glass doors, sink benches, shaped table glasses, furniture glass and mirrors in CNC glass processing machines.

Sandblastıng Process

Sandblasting process is the process of giving decorative image by creating abrasion on the glass surface. The glass surface is covered with paper or PVC foil to create this appearance. These foils can be cut and glued on special cutting machines. The process performed by removing these foils from the glass surface of the area to be sandblasted and then replacing the nozzles of the pressure guns is called sandblasting.

Drilling Process

Glass and mirrors used in furniture like drilling of screw and handle holes on glass doors, glass panels is carried out on CNC machines. At this stage, glasses are drilled with or without countersinks with drill bits of different diameters. All glass and mirror processes like perforated glass followed in technical procedures.In this regard, considering the thickness of the glass, the dimensions and the diameter of the hole, the edges, the corners of the glass plate and the positions of the holes and relative to each other are determined.

– Opening Hinges and Lock Holes

It is made by milling. Burcam A.Ş. processes out it with CNC and Hole machines in accordance with the quality standards.

Bizote And Form Operation

It is the process of glazing different thicknesses of glass or mirror edges at 90 degrees or at different angles and desired width. Burcam Aş makes it with Professional members and innovative machines.

Areas of use:

  • In interior and exterior decorations,
  • Glass and mirrors used in the furniture industry,
  • All glass building elements and articles for decoration purposes

Screen Prıntıng Process

The production of glass and mirrors to be produced in the screen printing is carried out by the professional member on computers. It is the process of transferring enamel paint to glass, paper, fabric surfaces with silkscreen-silk printing technique to create different patterns. Glass is tempered after painting by screen printing method. Thus, the paint is processed into the structure of the glass to ensure that the painting is resistant to mechanical and chemical effects.
Burcam can also apply adhesive pattern treatment to the mirror surface with low temperature paints.

Dıgıtal Prıntıng Process

Digital printing process is entered our lives as a result of the development of technology. Burcam as the innovation and technology follower, added digital printing to its services.

– It can be applied on mirror glass surface or applied on chipboard painted MDF and Highglass. Digital Printing is the art of uniqueness transparent, translucent and opaque details with colors and shadows.

– When ceramic-based granules poured from the mouth of the crew are melted and penetrated into the glass in the fusion, it reveals a masterpiece that it is not aware of either.

Cnc Channel

It is process of a shaped or straight-line opening in the mirror and glass made with knives and felts in the thickness ordered by customers.